Not Recommended

Recurring and unresolved managment problems.
This campsite is not recommended.

... when I came back to get them they were gone. I asked the only lady in the office at the time and she said she didn't see any poles. Went back a few weeks later and there they were hanging on the fishing pole rental rack. But they told me they weren't mine and they wouldn't give them to me. They weren't expensive poles but still.. hard to mistake a neon blue spongebob kids pole and two identical black poles with purple reels

Rather than be helpful, the owner of this campground chooses to strut around and treat patrons and their guests extremely disrespectful. Apparently he thinks he's running a boot camp rather than a relaxing campground. As a result of his bizarre over-the-top manor I'll never go back again. And since other bystanders who are all long-time patrons said he's ALWAYS this way and holds constant threat of evicting campers with no refund over their heads I wouldn't recommend anyone else do business with this place either...

Posted by Craig Friebolin on Sunday, May 29, 2016

I'd refer people to google and Yelp reviews. This place is shady to the point that I wrote a letter to the local police department letting them know what happened so that it doesn't happen to anyone else. If you read some of the reviews you may say that they are too far fetched to be real, trust me they are. Be careful, you've been warned...

Posted by Autumn Summer on Thursday, July 14, 2016
Evergreen Lake PA Ripoff Report

Evergreen Lake Fishing and Camping Owner demanded a guests negative online review be taken be down or else be evicted from site without $4,000 refund Bath Pennsylvania

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